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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Warlord Musketeers

I picked up a single spruce of Warlord Pike and Shotte figures from Noble Knight Games to flesh out my En Garde Warband of Spanish adventures and soldiers 
First up we have tree men with matchlock muskets at ready to fire.
On has a barrette style hat and looks like he could be an Irish or Scottish "renegade" and the others have more ordinary broad rimed hats.
Two men on the march while I wanted a mostly brown palate I deiced some men needed other color like the green used on both of these men.  The blue cuffs on the left add another touch of color.
The "Monmouth" style cap was a nice piece and I wish I had more as they would be great for Frostgrave kit bashing.
Two men advancing at the ready.  The one on the right has a straw hat which I like a lot as an inexpensive replacement hat.
The guy on the left clearly has better gear with his read dyed buff coat, clearly a gentleman volunteer hopping to be noticed and promoted by the higher ranks.  All and all a good set of soldiers to add bulk to Alatieste's War Band.