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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

War Galley for En Garde! (4)

 As you can see I've been making progress.  I removed the windows form the forward cabin area so she has a more flush appearance.  I've settled on a single mast two would look cooler but with the size of the ship there just isn't space.
 I've also gotten the first part of the "ram" on these weren't like the rams on the ancient triremes that were intended to sink enemy ships these rams were above the water line to facilitate boarding actions. I've also got a good fighting platform going.  The Match sticks might be mounts for swivel guns at some point (Dave is working on that option)
I also took a steam tank cannon that has traveled with me since college. I don;t know what happened to the tank itself but I've got a few bits and pieces from it hanging around still and this was a perfect use for the cannon. I need to fill that gap but over all I am very please with how this has come out.  

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