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Monday, September 26, 2016

Sudbury Faire 2016

An annual right of fall is the Regiment Saintonge's participation in the Sudbury Companies of Minute and Militia's annual Fife and Drum muster called the "Sudbury Fair"
I brought my collection of 18th century sword and with a couple borrowed form Dana(an officers Eppe) and Jess(a Briquet) I had more than enough shiny pointy object to take about. You can also see an Eppe Soldat, two examples of small swords, a cup hilt rapier a plug bayonet and two socket bayonets.
Jess did her Soldat on a blanket display all the personal gear an individual solider would carry in addition to his musket.
My Friend Dean who you might remember made the bottle openers for my grooms men was across form us pounding on the forge. 
We picked up some new tent stakes for the regiment. Check out Deans website if you need iron goods. Rock Village Forge
Here we see the men of Sudbury just before the tussle with the visiting redcoats (normally there is a battle but we had too few men available on both sides for it this year).
Dana has been working on one of the French Backpacks we have become know for.
Jess Entertains and educates a young fellow on the subject of French uniforms.

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