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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Springfield Armory

 Over Labor Day weekend my wife Ariana and I did a trip to Springfield MA and my wife was indulgent enough to let me take a trip the Armory Museum.   They have quite a collection.
 Naturally they have the standard arms manufactured at the armory and at Harper's Ferry.
They also have a lot of experimental guns like this Hall Breech loader I've been informed that the breach could be used as a "derringer" in an emergency. 
 They also have experimental modifications to standard weapons like this cartridge holder on a "trapdoor" Springfield.
The Machinery used to make the weapons of the 19th century is also on display... 
 And it works (hopefully the Video works too)
 One of my favorite displays is this case full of weapons that had bad things happen to them.  The top rifle musket was struck by lighting one night wen a poor soldier was on guard duty.
Outside the museum are the grounds of the armory, these iron fences were made in the early 19th century when the Armory had a dispute of some sort with the city.  Sadly to save money thousands of muskets and cannon from the American Revolution were melted down.  I have been thinking the grounds of the Armory would be an excellent spot for a Garrison weekend.
The Iconic display of the Springfield Armory is the "organ" of 1795 model Muskets a weapon closely modelled after that French 1777 Musket typically call a "Charleville musket." You can check out more pictures here 

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