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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Alatriste's Hidalgos: The Grandee

This is a fine 17th Century officer from one of the Warlord command packs.  its a gret figure but the stance made me think of a man striking a pose... perhaps to dispatch an enemy who is tied to a stake or something.  The helmet in his hand lead me to think that despite the pistol in his hand he was not in danger. So I added a shield to the base to increase the impression that he is unconcerned with his safety, rightly or wrongly.
I bought him to be Alvaro de la Marca from the Alatrieste books. Alvaro is the second Count of Guadalmedina, Grandee of Spain. A former soldier who had is life saved by Alatrieste at one point they have since developed friendship to the extent their very different social classes allow. Alvaro uses Alatrieste to take care of difficulties that require direct action and Alatrieste views Alvaro as the last ace up his sleeve when his work get him in political situations above his head.  Alvaro and Altrieste eventually find themselves in conflict over the affair with the Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet. Alvaro is also know for his poetry, his skill at cards, his pursuit  of ladies both high and low and connections with the very highest of society.
In addition to standing for Alvaro it could work for any number of higher rank figures that find themselves nominally in command over the brave captain and his band.  I haven't worked out game stats for him yet and will post those when I have

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