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Friday, September 2, 2016

Busy Day at Tortuga harbor

 Dave has been working on a Pirate version of Frostgrave.  We decided to test the rules.  Dave has his ship on the left, I'm in the center and Mike is on the Right.  Will has a party of government troops guarding the port.  The game is run in and grab treasure. 
 Dave Borrowed the ship and artillery rules from On Seven Seas.  The ship movement worked petty well the artillery less well (ranges need to be adjusted) Will did get one good hit in on my ship but the splinters didn't hurt any of my crew.
 Dave Mike and I agreed we wouldn't go at each other until we go to land... after all victory is related to treasure not ships. Our muskets shots begin to ring out.
 Will's soldiers are dropping fast
 Mike is trying to maneuver his ship into the dock
 I simply run it in my plan is to us it as a fort and fight every one off departing only after the others are driven off. The ships master (apprentice in frost-grave) runs ashore with the gunner at her side and their pistols shot drop the lone survivor of Will's soldiers on that side of the docks.
 My blunderbuss armed pirate attempts to sweep the flanking dock but his shooting was poor
 Dave and I are both racing for the treasure stacked by Will in one pile. I have more men and more guns..
 Dave's me are swept from the dock or flee.
 Mike finally makes his way in almost to the dock.
 My gunner and a marine  keep Dave bottled up while the rest of my men run in for the treasure
Dave and Mike are sniping at my men but lucky rolls give me the edge in the exchange.  I have a majority of he treasure and as many man as they have combined, a clear victory.  We need to give the guns butter range and I think En Garde will work better for us as a base rule set for club games but Dave has come up with some rules that will work great for conventions.