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Friday, September 23, 2016

Saga Dawn Attack Norse-Gaels vs Skraelings

John Set up another great game of Saga for us.  Once again he used the Skraelings and I was running my Norse-Gaels.  We did the Dawn attack scenario on here you can see the situation just after the first clash of arms.  Some units are represented as markers creating a semi hidden movement system that worked really well (So well I may steal it for other games).  My Javelin armed warriors got in a good shot on John and then a set of Great Ax armed Heathguard hit them and drove them back.
A fairly good start to the game.
John however has been stealing/blocking my abilities Slaughter and Howling axes are gone.
More natives are unmasked...
as my Warlord and Heathguard advance.
John uses his battle board to buff the unit and allow them to charge out of the woods at full speed! The exchange is bloody  4 of my Heathguard go down and ten of Johns warriors fall.. then the second force of warriors and the enemy war lord charge in...
Only the War lord and one Heathguard still stand.
So Naturally I charge issuing the "Who's Next" challenge I will the first one then john decides to sacrifice three men to get to the real combat.  I kill another in that battle getting 5 men for my own (and making an end worthy of a song).  
After John had a bad time with shooting I launch two attacks.
I eliminate one 4 warriors unit and kill two in another.. losing two warriors myself.  John could probably have rushed my warlord but doesn't.
My Heathguard launch a final attack I lose one many but kill three
My Javelin armed men focus on the warlord taking two shots but fail to get enough hits for a kill though they do take down a few additional warriors.  In the end I killed 19 points worth of Johns men (14 warriors and three levies plus 4 for two hidden movement markers).  I lost 26 points 11 Heathguard and 4 warriors.  John thought he was losing most of the game but when we added up the points he had a clear victory over me.  The higher quality of my men is a two edged sword.