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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

War Galley for En Garde! (9)

So last time you saw I had added some paint.  Well several additional coats have gone on here and it really is starting to look battle ready.
 The business end of the Galley with its cannon and fighting platform red seemed the prefect color and was used in a number of historical images.  The "decals" were created by Michas Figuren A great blog with lots of images of heraldry.  Michas was nice enough to let me use his images and a few minutes with the cut and past tool and I had plenty of ornamentation for the pavisade (row of shields) of the galley.
 These aren't really shield they are bulwark of the ship but I understand this is the term that was used.  I had a minor mishap were the spar of my main sale broke off.  I think I have a solution that will make it stronger in the future.
I am thinking the  la Venganza De Montoya will see action for the first time Thursday.  I'm not quite done yet.  I need to do some decoration around the quarter deck windows and I want to build some sort of awning to shelter the officers back there... Rank has it privileges