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Monday, September 12, 2016

War Galley for En Garde! (5)

 I got in some more work on the Galley this weekend.  Mostly it cosmetic stuff to improve the over all look like the improved definition of the gun deck bellow the fighting platform.  Many historical galleys would have three guns, mine has one, you could imagine the other are run in and reloading a I guess.
 I added some wood planks balsa wood and match sticks here to improve the look, really this should be the entry to the gun deck but I couldn't do that with out door or making a hollow space that just wouldn't work as easily for my design and materials.  So the gun deck is only accessible below deck on this Galley it's a defensive feature to make boarding harder, yeah that' it!  You may also notice that a plastic lance from my bits box has been added as a flag staff at the front.
I also did some further work on how the mast will mount.  My first design  didn't work the mast was too unstable. Three rare earth magnets and the square base magnet seem to do the trick. 
 The hold the 1" washer in place quite will. You will also notice a small stair way has been added going back to the quarter deck.
 A piece of scrap from the puzzle makes a fine tiller, I don't know if a wheel would be more appropriate but this was easier.
 I also put my reenactor sewing skills to use making a sail from some scrap material I had I haven't decided if I will rig it set or furled or do something complicated so it can be raised or lowered.
Finally I added some shims to the base to improve stability.

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