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Friday, September 9, 2016

Saga: Norse Gaels and Skraelings

  John and I met for the first time in quite a while for a game of Saga.  I was running Norse-Gaels and he had the Skraelings.  John was disappointed by the lack of shooting abilities to steal but did pretty well any way.  John Started the game by depriving me of my "Howling Axes" ability... I advanced but was still out of range..
 John's First turn started well killing three of for in one of my two "forlorn hope" groups of Dane Axe men.
 The last man used show of strength challenge to kill one warrior and drive the other back.
I was not doing well with my javelins even when I hit John got his saves.
A unit of Heathgard buffed up with Slaughter did serious damage to one of Johns units of Warriors (too bad he had taken away Houwling axes)
Latter John got some of his own back by over running my Javelin warriors.
When a War Lord and his Heathgard fight levies there can be but one out come John was luck to loos so few men in fact.
I got a little luck of my won as my Dane Ax armed Warriors drove back John's flanking force  despite being out numbered 3 to 1.
John Swaps me a group of Heathgard for a group of warriors...
And then its only my warlord left, John has a little help.  My warlord dies but not alone, several warriors go down as well.  (Take a moment to admire John's fine painting.)
John's flanking warriors finish off my last force of warriors leaving only one group of Heathgard still in the field
As you can see John has fairly swept the field of my troops.  I think next time I will want to try using some mount troops, The Skreaelings were an interesting opponent

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