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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Frostgrave in Salem Massachusets

So my friend Dave had this cool idea of doing a low magic game of Frostgrave using the Salem of the Witch trials as a setting.  I'm playing the witch.  The other player will be a non-magical Witch hunter with some special abilities.  Instead of monsters we will have angry mobs of villagers.

I tried to come up with spells that would fit for a witch of the period.
First up the Witch Spells.

Fog: its a great tactical spell and with black powder weapons on the board limiting line of sight is really important.

Familiar: Because hit points are great and in Salem they thought every witch must have one.

Brew Potion: Again this is something every one in Salem would have expected a witch to be able to do.

Now my other spells I tried to balance tactical usefulness and thematic elements

Telekinesis:  This is the must have Frostgrave spell in my mind.  Thematically we can imagine spirits carrying the items to the witch or her servants

Bone Dart:  OK I have no thematic reason for this spell but you need a good offensive spell in Frostgrave and this one is mine.

Leap:  I was tempted to use imp for thematic reasons but opted for this spell.  People of the era often believe that witches could perform amazing physical feats and leap seems to fit the bill nicely.

Heal:  Oddly saving someones life could latter get you accused of being a witch so the Heal spell seemed appropriate especially when paired with Brew Potion.

Beauty:  I was a loss for the last spell so I opted go with this one.  Its a bit hard for me to cast (14) but if I can get it off any one who wants to attack me will have to pass a Will save.  Thematically it works with the witch as a seducer of men gifted with "unnatural" beauty.