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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Altrieste's Hildagos (3) Martín Saldaña

Martín Saldaña the former soldier and comrade of the good "Captain" a familiar sight to the denizens of Madrid as he is a commander of the "alguaciles" or police. As a result he is sometimes used a go between by those who need help from men like Altrieste. As a servant of the powers in that city sometimes Saldana and Altrieste find they are on opposite sides of a fight but they try not to take it personally and work things out reasonably when they can. The figure is from one of Warlord's pike and Shotte Command packs.
Saldana could be part of Altrieste's war band as a Rank 4 Character leading official back up on a sanctioned mission alternatively you could bump Saldana up to Rank 5 and have him head his own bad of Alguaciles on a mission (possibly even facing off against the "Captain") my stats for Saldana are below. Once again copy rights for characters from this novel belong to Aturo Perez-Reverte.

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