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Friday, September 9, 2016

Alatrieste's Hidalgos (4) Ensign Balboa

Another figure form the Warlord Command pack I picked up recently. En Garde! war bands can have banners that grant you a re-roll on moral tests. Íñigo Balboa rise over the course of books as a soldier and by the Battle of Rocroi he describes him self as an Ensign in flash forward (though its not clear to me if he refers to a rank or simply that he carried the flag)
I like this figure and his stance though having carried a flag I have to say it would be a hard one to maintain, regimental battle flags are surprisingly heavy (especially in the wind)
I selected these colors because I like their look and because they were described as Rocroi colors on several occasion when I went searching for "Spanish Tercio colors" though I am not 100% certain of its authenticity.

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