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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Alatriste's Hidalgos(2): the Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet

Another of the Brigade Games Militia set. 
The figure is an elegant gentleman hunter there's only two problems.  1) he's sighting down the musket with his right eye which is covered with an eye patch. I painted it over in flesh tones so it isn't obvious at a distance. The other issue is his leather baldric with nothing hanging from it and a Warlord sword form my spruce of musketeers and pike men fixed that.  That Said I felt this figure would be a perfect choice for a character form the Alatriste Novels.
So I have painted him as the mysterious hunter of ladies heart and more traditional wild game the Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet.  Those who have read the novels will know his true identity and aristocratic station (I will only say it is of the very highest quality) and will know how he and Alatriste both vied for the affections of a noted actress. Readers will also know that in the end they fought on the same side.   Yellow is a tough color to get right but I think it worked out in the end.
En Garde stats as you can see he's crack shot but not as good in hand to hand as his rank would indicate. I also gave him an extra attribute because truly he ought to be a rank 5 character but only one of those is allowed.