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Monday, July 13, 2015

Forged in Battle Pumas

Well its been a while since I did a painting post the last was June 23rd when I posted the Panthers and the big cat theme continues with Pumas(OK mid sized cats).  Pumas are a great asset for recon and also function as a great mobile AT unit.
 These guys are from Forged in Battle a set of models I have always liked but are hard to find in this area. They scale well with Flames of War (I should do a comparison picture).  they have some details that you just don't find on Battle front figures like the radio antennas (we will see how those hold up)
 As you can see I went with a camouflage patter that is similar to my Panthers and as you may have noticed Forged in Battle comes with a base ( I have mixed feelings about this but on the whole its a good thing)
 I did make one change to the camo patter adding a black/gray line between the various color panels.  This is similar to line patters I did for my StuGs and help tie my whole German army together.
 The models come with some stowage but its all the same so I added some additional bits and pieces from my vanishing supply form the the now defunct Musket miniatures.  Two pumas got sacks probably containing potatoes, rice or some other portable food(or possibly loot).  The section leader has a box... liquor or maybe produce(or loot). The puma on the left got a shove added and the section leader has a pick axes on the tail of his vehicle.

An over head shot to round things out and give you another look at the camo and stowage.