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Friday, July 31, 2015

Frostgrave (1)

Last night I got a chance to try Frostgrave.  This game has been quite anticipated at the New Hampshire club and I had a few war bands ready to go.  As it worked out we had some last minute cancellations and other were busy with play tests so turn out was lighter than I had expected.   My friend Dave's son DJ was eager to play and picked the Witch and her war band. So I took the enchanter war band.  This obviously isn't a city map so lets assume its an old monastery just outside Frostgrave. 
I set up War band in two clusters one around my Wizard...
and the other around my apprentice (the black template is a cave FYI) my 10th soldier, my archer was in between to cover either group.
DJ's witch makes her way along the rocky path
Armored Skeletons lurch from the ruins! On Rushes DJs soldiers
Another comes at my Man-at-Arms and my infantry man. They land a hit but cannot penetrate his armor.
My Wizard (who had cast strength on himself earlier) come into the fray but the dice are not kind and I take 9 points of damage as the skeleton's sword strikes home.  My apprentice (who also cast strength)  has better luck with the skeleton in the cave.
DJ's Witch makes it to some treasure! and get shot at by my archer but I miss!  I like that you can shoot and them move or move an then shoot as it lets my archer duck out of line of sight.
One of my Thugs joins the fight and we at last over come the Skeleton!
One of my Thieve has made it to another treasure maker. 
As has one of DJ's thieves
But his soldiers are running away form the skeleton... quite reasonable but
His Apprentices is the one getting chased (and shot at by my archer)
The Apprentice scrambles up the rocky hill
DJ finally remember the archer he hid in the woods but misses a shot at my Thug.
Running home with treasure.
A Thug goes down to the skeleton!
My Archer takes aim at DJ's Man-at-Arms and hits him but its only a wound(though a serious one)
The Skeliton goes down while DJ's thief and Infantry start climbing the walls of the old monastery .
My troops enter the ruins and are attacked by a Mimi(minor construct) DJ painted this fellow and he came out quite well.
DJ's Archer fires and misses again!
Then runs.
My Wizard cast the Leap spell on his Infantry man follower and he jumps from the floor to the upper level...
and fells the last skeleton with a single blow.
Locked in battle with the Mimic (ever tried to break a chest with a sword and spear? its not easy)
DJ's men make it to the roof...
and my Infantryman goes down!  Next turn my men take down the Mimic...
and my archer takes careful aim at DJ's apprentice...
and the apprentice goes down hard.
My Wizard uses Destructive Sphere to take out two of DJs Thugs but one of my own goes down as well (omelets and eggs)
Mean while We take down DJ's last soldier in the ruins claiming the final treasure token.  DJ actually Played a good game once he got used to using his Wizard and Apprentice as leaders not just heroes, its an understandable adjustment... we think of Arthur leading not Merlin right?  DJ got 3 treasure tokens and I got three Treasure tokens. DJ got 180 XP while I got 260 XP (my wizard cast more spells and got two kills).  DJ has a spell that if it works would give him 50 XP so we could start the next game with a new level.  (we probably won't use these wizards and these war bands again).

I enjoyed the game its elegantly simple in its statistics but game play is surprisingly complex.   Two thoughts we need more terrain and I need more guys to use as Thief type characters.

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