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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Saving Sister Sara Play test 1

 I got together with Adrian and Nick to test the scenario I posted the other day. They took the USN took the IJN
 The Indianapolis, Washington and Saratoga across the bottom at the top with have two Fletcher class DDs and the light Cruiser Juneau
 The IJN with two Fubuki class destroyers the cruiser Mikuma and Maya  and the Battle Cruisers Kongo and Haruna

  The Cruisers and destroyers charge to close for torpedo attacks the Mikuma takes heavy hits form the Washington the Maya took damage form the Atlanta the US Destroyers get hit as well
 The Haruna takes aim on the Indianapolis and hit it hard starting fires
 Next turn with US Destroyers in position the Maya takes them under fire and blows them out of the water! Adrian was having a bad day
 Now the Atlanta is on fire...
 The Maya is hit by multiple shots from the Washington and sinks..
 They also manage to blow up on destroyer with secondary guns shots form the Washington
 Mikuma with major flooding damage and its deck nearly awash fires a last salvo and gets three hits on the Saratoga.
 The Atlanta and Saratoga manage to sink the second Japanese destroyer before it can launch torpedo's
The Indianapolis is sunk by fire form the battle cruisers... at this point we called the game as the Washington can easily handle both these BCs.  We discussed some possible tweaks to the the game... as much as I like having the Battleships and Battle Cruisers in the mix they may make balancing too difficult.