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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pirate and Scorpions

These are Bones miniatures by Reaper that I picked up at at the Relentless Dragon.  The Pirate is a gift for a friend's son who's sixths birthday is this weekend and the Scorpions are for an Egyptian Themed Gods and Mortals army.
 The pictures cam out less well than I had hoped.  I wanted to get the bright colors in the pirate out fit and found I needed the flash for that... which I normally don't use.
Our pirates is a muscular bald man they bones figure has some excellent muscular definition. They eyes of this figures were very small and they don't actually look like the blueish white pie plates you see in this photo that is the result of the flash. I like that there is a belt in the sash as this was fairly typical (though I wonder were his sheath his cutlass/scimitar)
 The"treasure" chest also had some great detail as well the only complaint I would have is the waist coat/vest is too small it should be able to close across his chest.  Not really an issues as this is a fantasy pirate not a historical one.
Here you can see the colors are less noticeable but the whites of his eyes are not visible form the crows nest. 
The scorpions Black, with German grey dry brush and a black wash nothing fancy but these should be very useful both in a Gods and Mortals games or in other pulp and fantasy gaming. I've become a big fan of the Bones miniatures the price is right and the sculptures are very well done.  The Bones III kick starter has 9 days to go and if you haven't gotten into it you really should

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