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Monday, July 27, 2015

Bones Mummies

I got these guys to use as part of a Gods and Mortals army but I think they will get some use in a Frostgrave war band.
We have three Mummy warriors and one Mummy wizard or high priest.
Like all the bones miniatures they have great detail and are easy to paint up.
This fellow has a name I am calling him Khaemwaset one of the sons of Ramses II who was a high priest of Ptah and is some times called the first Egyptologist  as he oversaw a number restoration project during his father's reign
In latter Egyptian legend he was referred to as a wise magician renowned for the lore and artifacts he uncovered. The most notable was the Book of Thoth.  I see no reason why a mummy with the gift of undead immortality couldn't lead his own expedition to Frost Grave so he will be my non-traditional wizard for a war band
Not sure what I think of this scarab back pack (or what ever it is) but it does make an impression.
The three warrior mummies will also be part of the war band I will probably just call them soldiers not undead. 

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