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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Scenario for Naval Thunder

The South Pacific some time in late 1942
The USS Saratoga has been hit hard by Japanese air attacks.  Her flight deck has been effectively knocked out and her air craft had been transferred to land bases. Her engines and other systems have been hurt but she is still capable of good speed and is in no danger of sinking so she is being sent home under escort.
The IJN has sent a task force to intercept the Saratoga out of range of land based aircraft and sink her. The Japanese fleet commits the Battle Cruisers Kongo and Haruna to the mission along with two Heavy Cruisers and a pair of destroyers.
The US escorts are lead by the USS Washington, our previous game indicates that she should be able to take out both Battle Cruisers without even getting winded.  The question is can she do it before they sink the Saratoga. Washington will be aided by the USS Indianapolis and the USS Juneau  with a pair of Fletcher class Destroyers to lend a hand.

We will play on a six by four table with the USN starting in one corner and having to exit with in 16 inches of the opposite corner .