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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Not a Cat Burglar

This is the Pug Thief from Dark Sword miniatures Critter Kingdom range.
 As you can see I painted him as a Boston Terrier  because I can't stand Pugs (or maybe its just the Pug owners I have known).  The ears don't stick up the right way for a true Boston Terrier so maybe there is a little Bull Dog (or Pug) in him after all.
 I find a dog who functions as an adventuring groups thief a bit amusing especially a thief who apparently specialized as a "cat" burglar.
 Ariana consulted on the colors and the dark brown set off by the bight red cape and yellow arm guards were her suggestion.
I am thinking of an all animal war band for Frost grave and this fellow will make a good thief or treasure hunter. 

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