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Friday, July 3, 2015

Gedbirgsjagers Hold the Line

 My friend Gerry Lane is prepping for a national tournament I have in the past used my Early war Panzer company form Hell Fire and Back to help him tuneup his lists. Gerry is running a Combat Cars company I decided I would run a Gedbirgsjager company.  Sadly I had only 3 platoons I could start with on board so I used one infantry platoon, my Artillery (which I belated realized was consider Allied) and my Regimental AT platoon of Pak 38s.
 Gerry advanced with a formidable corps of armor. I am very thinly streched.
 Gerry got a quick hit with his artillery pinning my artilery... and I was unable to unpin them for several turns
 Gerry then made is only real tactical mistake of the game, his Dragoons (infantry in trucks) moved at the double.  My Observer acted as a sniper hitting two trucks and killing 3 stands of infantry!
 I AT guns did good work on of them got 5 hits on an empty truck but the other only got one hit... but it was enough to take out most of the platoon
 Gerry did manage to get one man out of the trucks and make his sole survivor check...
 Tanks move down the flank away from my AT guns
 Gerry used his CO to appoint the last stand a platoon leader letting it make an assault that got one of my AT guns though my 2iC killed him the following turn.
 Things were starting to get ugly for me as my artillery is still pinned but I have 4 shots over open sights at the 3 H35s and I manage to take two of them out... and this time Gerry is not able to make his platoon moral check.
 Gerry is still shooting at my Artillery and this time he take out my gun... I am moving troop over to defend the objective int he woods.
 Gerry had very good luck shooting at my troops in the woods.. he also did well with his initial assault movement.. it was the consolidation move...
 That got him in trouble.
 My artillery finally unpins and is able to rage in on the Laffys (proxies) we get three hits and three bails... my dice are not being nice to me. I try to get my men to assault the bailed out tanks (Gerry had 2 still operational so the odds looked good) but my men failed to motivate despite to tries.
 Gerry had another good turn of Artillery getting one of my guns...
His tanks then did very well with MG Fire and the assault was equally good for him.  Tactically I played a good game I even took out two German platoons but I lost 4 to 3. My luck was a bad as it has been a in a game for a long time. Gerry played a good game only making one real mistake but had his own bad luck with dice that could have cost him badly if only I had passed one of my tank terror tests.