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Friday, July 3, 2015

Devils Brigade Bolt Action

 The Guys gathered at the Relentless Dragon for some bolt action this is the assault by the Devils Brigade on a mountain top position they have just climbed a near vertical cliff to flank a German position
 The early bombardment didn't do much to the Germans only two hits!
 The US got the first move and one squad charged into contact and....
 Overran the German position
The German sniper took out the American sniper Austin has a tendency to lose his snipers before they can shoot.
 The German HMG is taken out by US Fire.
 my squad took fire but suffered little damage.  I wanted to use my LMG to fire while charging with the rest of the squad ... but that's not possible in Bolt action.
 My assault was less than successful in fact all my guy died!
 The LT and his staff Sargent didn't get any hits but the return fire got them.
 The German squad in the center takes the old HMG position and are over run but the US troops fall back to avoid the flame thorower.
 That flank squad of Germans survives another assault its a a blood bath only two Germans survive.
 The German flame thrower attacks the Americans and get several kill but dies when the Americans assault
The German Medic gets stuck in too! (you can do that ????) he dies in the attack.  Troops on both sides are getting thin but there is no platoon moral... so the game continues but I needed to get going and all the guys I was running are dead any way.