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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Crazy Bones!!!!

If you some how haven't heard Reaper miniatures has decided they are nuts enough to offer a third kickstarter.  Some people wonder about companies doing multiple kickstarters and while I agree you can do too much of a good thing it seems like a good way to build capital for new projects or to expand the range, I think of it as a stock offering but with miniatures as a pay out. 

I missed Bones I and only dipped my toe into Bones II this time I am in by my calculations I have 82 miniatures and 5 "terrain" pieces coming in for $100 and we have 17 days to go.  While I am not excited about all the figures I can always trade, or sell the ones I don't need.  There are some great add on available as well these cost extra money but getting a dragon or the pair of frost giants is tempting.  When/if we hit the $850,000 mark a Mystic circle becomes available and I want that.
The pace early on was blistering but its all good.  Retailers they will package your stuff in blisters for resale if you want it.  The one thing I am not pleased with is the mouslings being offered I like one or two of them but most don't interest me I'll wait for retail. 

One thing to keep in mind Reaper is saying that these miniatures will not be available until August of 2016 at the earliest...