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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Challenge Entry Mouslings the comedy round that didn't happen

These little fellows are the Mouslings form the Bones II Kickstarter. When I saw them I immediately thought of the Mice of Redwall the protagonists in a series of children's books my brother and I read growing up. I got these and painted them up. My plan is to bring them with me on trips to visit my nephew (soon to be Nephews) as a special toy that comes with Uncle Adam (and maybe get them interested in game as time goes by).
First we have the Archer clearly he spends his days hunting cats to protect the mousling community.
These are 25mm figures and Reaper gets some nice details on the figures like the stitching on the quiver.
Next we have the mysterious forest mouse who lives out side the keep... I gave him a little bet of unkempt and dirty look.
He has some strange powers drawn form his shining ball.
I don't have a clever designation for this fellow yet. He strikes me a the local boy swept up in the great adventure by fate. He has a sword, a fairly big one (for a mouse) so maybe Martin (a hero from the early Redwall books.
The yellow scarf really pops against his gray-green cloak a suggestion from Ariana on color. I think it will catch a child's eye.
The Bee boy. Clearly inspired by falconers this mousing trains bumble bees to hunt? or maybe scout? I don't know exactingly how he uses the bees but I really love the idea this is one of my favourite sculpts.
I decided to do this odd patter on his cloak he has spent so long with the bees he has started to dress like one.
Sneaky mouse, clearly he is up to no good! or maybe hes coming back from a foraging mission of some sort. He might have just got caught as his little dagger is drawn.
The patch on the sack is a nice touch, clearly he has had a successful trip hope he can escape who or what has caught him.
The Girl archer I love the holly leaves and berries on quiver.
I tried to get her to look like the male archer in coloration I figure they are brother and sister.
Every band of adventures needs a wizard! you can't quite see them in the picture but he has spectacles balanced precariously on the end of his nose. I also like his busy eye brows.
Ariana suggested the yellow color of the wand making it look a bit less like a stick and more like lightning or some mystical energy jumping from his hand.
The Princess my least favourite figure but I suppose heroes need some one to rescue. I toyed with painting her the same colors as the archer mouse suggesting secret identity but decided against it.
I did try to make hem of her dress a little dirty like she regularly escapes her escorts and goes skipping though the woods and fields on her own.
Ariana suggested the color combination and I think this looks quite nice. I figure she and the Bee boy may be related.
King mouse! Somebody has to be in charge! and clearly he is the mouse, Ariana said he has angry eyebrows maybe someone has just told him of the princess's running off on some adventure with the young mouse with the scarf?
I think the cloak came out well and I like his acorn scepter, clearly acorns are the source of the kingdom's wealth.
My favourite figure the Samurai Mouse! I am tempted to name him Splinter clearly his is an important ambassador from a far ways kingdom of mice. Not sure what he is doing here but he looks fabulous in his yellow kimono and top knot hair due.
I decided to decorate his kimono with orange and red flowers. I am very pleased with how this came out.
Two group shots.

I just painted the bases as I plan on using these with kids and I don't want flock coming off and getting eaten.