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Friday, March 20, 2015


Well the The Winter Challenge is over and I managed to finish 7th in a field that started with 72 participants. My final Score based on production with some small adjustment for quality was 2122 points.  Interesting point the DaveD who took the top spot was only 100 points or so shy of doubling my score!

Before looking at some number I wanted to share Curt's comment on my final entry :

It has been a delight having you part of the Challenge Adam. You completely embraced the event and have been one of its most enthusiastic participants - thank you for your participation and camaraderie. 

I swear I was blushing when I read that, had it been said in person I probably would have made a fool of myself.   The challenge has been a great experience and I cannot thank Curt enough for putting it together.

Now those stats for figures Painted (with representative picture)

ACE 160 (a mix of 15 and 18mm figures with the latter dominating)
Flames of war 172 figures
and 24 Vehicles (15mm)
Napoleonic War 68 Figures (28mm) and they are all GONE!
18th Century   57 figures (a mix of 15 and 18mm figures)
Fantasy 13 (mostly 28mm but one 32mm figure)
Dark Ages/Myth 39 (all 28mm figures)
Ships 12 (1/2400 scale)
That is a lot of painting for 100 or say days and it might have been even more the weather in February hadn't been so brutal.  There are some prizes including one you dear readers may vote on so stay tuned and hope I get lucky on the draws.