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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Challenge entry Austrian and D'Argent artillery

My collection has lots of British, Prussian and French guns but my Austrian Artillery Park is a bit thin so this seemed like a good time to expand it.   So I painted up 4 guns for my Austrian Army and 2 for D'Argent (who also lacked artillery.

These guys might need an extra coat on the paint now that I see them close up. but the gunners came out well.

 Another angle of the Austrian guns.

 For D'Argent I did the same carriage types but when with gray and orange for the gunners.

I think gray provides a great counter point the bright orange. D'Argent has only a small artillery corps a total of 4 guns these two and two others I painted earlier.  The above is their first howitzer though most of the time the type of gun is irrelevant in the rule sets I play. (Maurice and Black Powder)

Another angle for the Austrians this time showing off their red turn backs.  Brown is such a practical uniform color I am always a bit surprised it wasn't';t used more, maybe because it was such a common civilian color.

There are a total of 6 guns for 24 points and 11 gunners for another 22 points netting me a nice set of 46 points.