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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Last Challenge Entry: One last anti-hero?

First of all thank you again to Curt for running the challenge and thank you to all of you who commented on my posts for your praise, critiques and suggestions I feel I have grown some as a painter over the last 100+ days as a results. My final subject is Robert E. Lee.

The moment I am portraying actually happened two to three times with variations in 1864-65. Robert E Lee ceased a regiments colors to rally troops who were falling back and on the verge of routing. The reaction of the troops was more or less the same on all three occasions. They rallied, angrily told Lee that they would hold (or counter attack) but only if he got to the rear.

On at least one of these occasions brigade or division officers also took part in persuading Lee to get out of harms way. On all three occasions Lee's intervention "saved the day" and the Army of Norther Virginia managed to hang on just a little longer. So that is my vignette Lee is reaching for the retreating soldiers flag while an officer tries to persuade him that this is not were an army commander should be.

Is Lee and Anti-hero? I myself am some what torn. Its hard to find much in his person that is not the model of 19th century masculinity. His resignation for the US army was just that and predated Virginia's succession. I for one can't really blame a man for thinking it his duty to defend his family and neighbours. He fought skilfully, honourably and never spared himself any hardship in the field. In the end he didn't try to prolong a war with needless guerrilla fighting that would have done nothing but add to the body count. Indeed after the Civil War he did nothing but encourage reconciliation. Yet there is the cause he defended which was slavery, it may not have been his personal motive but if Virginia had not had slaves his home state would never have seceded and would never have needed his defense. Ultimately I think Lee is an anti-hero a good man defending a wicked cause.

The figures are all Blue Moon 18mm figures. There are two mounted and one on foot. The Flag is a generic flag from War Flag.com.