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Monday, March 23, 2015

Challenge Entry: Confederate Command Stands

This week I am posting my final entries for the Painting Challenge.

These are some extra command stands for my Confederate Army for Longstreet.

Regiments come and go in Longstreet but you always get troops back but I like to have new regiments so I don't recycle the same regiments.

This is a Flag of the 21st Mississippi and a Mississippi state flag I the commander sort of reminds me on an illustration (probably highly imaginative) of Barksdale who commanded a Mississippi Brigade.

Here we have the 37th Alabama I like having higher numbered regiments as the campaign progresses give the sense that they are newly raised.

I thought the flag was quite sharp looking and I like having Confederate flags that are not the traditional St. Andrews cross most people imagine.

A South Carolina regiment the flag struck my fancy but I have not information regarding the regiment.

The Flags are all from an Issue 31 of Charge! its available at the War Gamer's vault.

Finally the 16th Tennessee Regiment. Tennessee contributed some 50 regiments to the Confederacy probably because it lay right in the path of invasion.

Since I didn't have any Tennessee regiments I figured I should add one to my mix.