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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Panzergrenadiers vs 7th Armor at the Whiz

I met with Mark at the Whiz and faced off with his Panzergrendiers in the break mission. I was running 7th armor with Patton.  I had had my recon lead the way Mark had 3 King Tigers so I had my work cut out for me.
My men advance on platoon on the left of the road the other on the right (3rd armor platoon was in the reserve). The right hand platoon started shooting up the grenadiers at the end of the road.  I used smoke to keep the tigers at bay... but Mark did get my Jumbo.
Mark got his pumas and got one of my Sherman tanks.
I retaliated and wiped out his Puma's.
Mark hit me with more rockets to no effect but on the other side of the road Mark hit my Sherman
He rolled terribly but bailed my platoon leader more or less paralyzing my platoon
we shot up and broke his grenadiers while my M10s move against the rear of the Tigers I got off two shots but Mark made both armor saves.
Mark turned his turret an wiped out my M10s (hey they got to shoot this game)  and then destroyed the res of my first tank platoon.
My recon troops did manage to bail out all three of Mark's AA trucks and they failed their moral test and ran. I was doing well but still had 3 king Tigers to take care of... and my 3 armor platoon was coming in and guess where mark had all three of those big 8.8 Guns pointing...
But he made a mistake... he forgot about Detroit's finest I was just able to get behind his front armor and I got very, lucky I got 3 hits Mark failed three armor saves... and I made 3 fire powers.
I made the next mistake though bringing min my fire power I got too close with one tank and...
Mark charged out using the sneaking up on tanks rule...
and destroyed one tank and bailed two more!  I failed moral and the platoon broke I was just able to pass moral.  Mark failed his company moral test. It was another very close game for us I really thought Mark had me a few time.
One last shot the definition of irony a recovery vehicle looking bogged down.