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Friday, March 20, 2015

Battle of the "Cwaluwuduholt"

Saxon and Briton  forces met battled in what has become know as the"Cwaluwuduholt" (very roughly/inaccurately murder woods I came up with this mane using http://www.oldenglishtranslator.co.uk/ the no doute shameful old English is my own fault however.)
 John has set up a very wooded forest that lead to a very savage and bloody fight.  Prebattle John passed the ale horn and rolled a 1 good news/bad news John gets + 2 moral(10) but he lost a card in his hand.   I did my prebattle speech and rolled a 6 no change to moral but I did get an extra card in my hand and a + 1 to Cuthwulf's status (to 4).  Our Champions then met and Wulfric kills Uther! giving me a bonus to moral!
 As you can see the woods have some opening but we are getting seriously channeled between them.
 The woods I hope will limit John's options for forming shield wall.
 My forces advance using the trees to cover our flanks
 but John has formed a shield wall not a fully united one but its still formidable.
 John sent his Elites forward to take out my archers but fell short, I was quick to sen men in..
 and drove them off (John used a card to eveade.
 I'm not in a great position...
 John engaged one of my units of warriors and drove them back then his elites look my other unit and broke them..
 Then He got my archers! I now had a big whole in the middle of my formation two units of warriors to the left two units of Elites to the right... making a virtue of necessity I moves my elites to the right flank of Johns shieldwall.  Then to my amazement John advanced his men into the open area!
 Using the Crape Diem card I charged his flank killing 7 men and wounding the attached Noble!
 Needless to say the extra sized Briton unit broke and ran!
 John's elite broke my other unit of elites in the center and Burgred barly escaped with his life.
 Osbert and his men caught the Elite troops in the flank and drove them off... but the were attacked by levies and warriors and overwhelmed Osbert was then killed or captured (we said captured during the game but this may not be possible in a battle). John's Elites joined the warriors on the right facing my one unit of elites(and Cuthwulf). That fight was long, bloody and consumed both of our focus so much we didn't take pictures..
 Then I was able to bring up my second unit of Elites and broke John's elites and warriors Cadog (one of John's nobles) was wounded and overwhelmed in the fighting.
John decided to withdraw.. I attested to pursue and was able to overwhelm another noble and kill the fleeing elite infantry but other wise John got away without additional losses.   Pursuit added nothing to the victory so I have a 2 point victory(with some possibility this will go up a bit) both sides have heavy casualties.  The battle lasted more the 4 hours and I have to say was the most interesting an bloody of the campaign, thus far.