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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Challenge Entry: 97th New York Volunteers

Its been a long road but I think I have the infantry for my Union force for Longstreet complete. The 97th New York was chosen because of a remarkable coincidence. The man who got me into war gaming was Robert Burr my college roommate. It turns out one of his ancestors was surgeon for this regiment (and he might have some other more distant relatives in the ranks as well) the coincidence is this regiment served next to the 12th Massachusetts Volunteers a regiment commanded by Fletcher Webster the favored son of Marshfield MA were I grew up(he died at 2nd Manassas and is buried about half a mile from my parents home). So I had to paint both regiments.

I am really happy with how the officer cam out with his gold buckle and rank flashes on this shoulders.
The flag is not the 97th's but one that looks very close the 5th New York if I can find an authentic 97th flag I will use it.
The men really look like they are hurrying to battle. I did four men to a stand to give this unit a lot of weight.
So two piles have now been eliminated or greatly reduced by the challenge the Napoleonic pile (is gone) and the ACW infantry is much reduced (enough for a few command stands etc) and might be completed in the time that remains.