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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Quick trip to HAVOC and a small side project

Well I have been a bit quiet, taking a break after the challenge and planning stuff for my Fiance's Birthday.  We did a little get away over the weekend but before we left I was able to get to HAVOC a gaming convention run by Battle Group Boston.  Ariana had plans to see a movie with some girlfriends Friday night so I went down to do some convention bargain hunting. Here are a few choice shots or you can check out the album on Facebook
 An 1812 frontier fort made of tooth picks, must have taken a long time and it looks great.
 Dave Susco of Warmonger Miniatures you may remember I got some nice 10mm pike men from him.
 Jerry Lane running some cool raiding action using flames of war.
Allied troops prepare to storm the Turks position on the heights above the Hellas. in a game run by Dave Soucy.

 Finally I did get some bargains a whole fleet for the Grand Duchy of D'Argent 4 ships of the line, 3 Frigates, and large merchant.  The are 1/2400 scale figure head ships and I got them for $2.00 each not bad.
The side project done as a bit of a break from painting after the challenge.  I did some pods a while back and they didn't go over well with every one.  I tried a difference approach this time, I may have done to much flock, but if so well it will work as a swamp too I suppose.   Let me know what you think.