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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Warmonger Miniatures Pike men 10mm

 One of two units of pike men I got form he Warmonger Miniature kick starter.  I was impressed with the detail on these little fellows.  I have to say they were a bit quicker to paint that 15mm but not much as there is so much detail here
 The fifer is much appreciated I get sick of seeing drums with out their companion instrument.
 I like the detail (thought it a little hard to see) of men in the front rank holding short swords or maybe a long dagger in on hand while supporting the pike with the other men slipping under and between the pikes was a real issue for pike blocks.
 Rear view gives you a good sense of the details in the legs and arms lots of cloth folds here. Very nice figures and they are local (Worcester MA) so supporting them is doubly good