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Friday, November 7, 2014

D'Argent goes to the Dogs

OK So I freely admit this is a silly idea and utterly unrealistic but I decided to go there any way. After all man has always had his dogs accompany him to war, as extra guards, beast of burden, unit mascots, officers pets  and of course K9 units in modern times.  So I had these Xystron miniatures dogs and I had this very cool cavalry man but since he didn't match with other troopers in my collection I had no idea what to do with him.
So the Jager-hound regiment was born.  This fellow with his Carbine or Rifle at sort of a port arms on horse back just didn't match any thing else but he looks great as mounted Jager.  He's on his own base so he can act as a cavalry detachment or be mixed with other irregular cavalry
In a bit of a flight of fancy I have joined him to three stand each with two mastiff type dogs because six Dogs to one hunter seems like a good ratio.  I used the French Mastiff (or Dogue de Bordeaux) as my model for about half the dogs. One is a reddish brown that I thought looked cool but doesn't really match any specific bread.
The black brown dogs are inspired by the Cone Corso or Italian Mastiff  I imagine that these "soldiers"  help keep the perimeter of military camps safe and guard the flanks against ambush.  Dogs will often detect hidden men the even the most diligent human scouts would miss.   I don't imagine they take too much active part in battles but I would probably rate them as irregular cavalry in Maurice. I suspect these dogs and their rifle armed humans could provide a nasty surprise in the right situation.  I also imagine they chase down deserters and maybe help guard prisoners.