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Monday, November 17, 2014

The German's Big Little Guns

I like the German infantry guns and my 75mm guns have done a lot of good service for a long time. That said with the arrival of the later late war books I find myself needing something a little heavier.
 So I picked up a nice set 150 MM sIG 33 guns.  They don't have smoke and only have a rate of fire of 1 but they have some compensation.
 Among these are an AT 13 direct with a fire power of 1+ and 4 when bombarding with a fire Power of  2+
 The gun is also a Bunker Buster meaning that hiding in buildings is not a good idea if these are in range.  This is useful if I have to attack dug in allied infantry.
 My blister seems to have lacked an office but no matter I will use the two man stand for command and the single man stand as an observer or substitute in the command stand form my 75mm sIG 18 platoon as they will not be on the table at the same time