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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jeavons' Regiment of Horse Grenadiers

 Pierre Jeavons a Barron of D'Argent who's assessors came to the Duchy as mercenaries and rose to the ranks of the nobility.  His troop of Horse Grenadiers is a proud inheritor of that tradition.   (The regiment is named for the real life host of the War Gamer's club for Gentlemen a Google+ community I belong to)
 The regiment is mostly of of foreign extraction recruited from around Europe mostly from soldiers who have mustered out of other nations cavalry regiment. Natives of D'Argent are welcome but only if they already have experience caring for horse.
 The blue and yellow uniform was inspired by the uniforms of foreign cavalry in French service such as Lauzan's Hussars. 
 Barron Jeavons' Horse Grenadiers are trained as both line and irregular cavalry equally comfortable in the scouting or battle rolls.  Frequently they serve with the Hussar regiment giving them a hard hitting back up to the light cavalry screening the army's advance.

If you are interested in getting your own regiment in the army of D'Argent let me know.