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Monday, December 1, 2014

Fighting Withdrawal Mission 2nd Gebirgsjagers Vs. British armor

I met up with my friends at the Whiz and squared off against Rob who has been looking for a game for some time.  I am sorry to say I didn't get a picture of the table as a whole so I hope that this AAR will not be too hard to follow.
My center an left were a road and village that made an excellent Defensive position... one objective was placed there.  The permanent objective was placed were the left right road met one going across the table.  Woods flanked this road and made up the center right of my positions another objective was nestled in the woods. You can see my new recon unit above (they didn't last long).
Rob massed is tank platoons on the left and right on the right he had infantry in support while another infantry platoon massed in the center to to the left of this picture. On the left his armor was backed up with AA guns and Artillery.
The advance was undeterred by my attempts to bombard (which were terrible all day) and my air support never arrived... though it did intercept Rob twice (not bad for sporadic air)
Rob played it slow... holding off his advance hopping I would open up at long range and pop my PaK40 Ambush too soon...
Slow advance with the armor threatening the AA and observer on the hill to the extreme right.
Robs air gets one of my 120mm Mortars.
Then his artillery and air combine to hit my artilery taking out one gun and pining the rest.
Rob takes out my 15 cm infantry guns but my infantry is unharmed on the left... rob is still holding back hoping I will spring my ambush early.
Machine guns open up on the advancing infantry and do a good deal of damage. With my Mortars and AA with drawn I expect Rob to whip around my right but he shift to the center...
Work for me!  I finally spring the ambush and 3 Pak40s open up form concealed position in the woods.
I score 3 kills and a bail... and further chew up the infantry in the vineyard. Time is ticking away... if I cna survive the turn I can win.
Rob launches an assault with his right flank platoon they bore in and kill my guns my infantry and the gun platoon commander counter attack... in 2 rounds of combat men die like flies as always happens in Vet on Vet assaults. but I win, just barely though my AT platoon is gone. I pass a company moral check allowing me to hang on.
Rob however has lost two platoons now and the remaining infantry platoon is pulling back under cover of the vineyard.
Robs other armor platoon is unscathed but with infantry dug in in numbers on the remaining objective and only one tank in range to assault Rob cannot drive me off.  I hold out the required 8 turns but only by the narrowest  margin.