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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Challenge Day 6 off to a g good start.

So far so good... in fact so far its excellent.  I have three posting on the challenge blog the latest of which is you guessed it StuGs! My favorite armored fighting vehicle. I currently have 38 points and a position of 10 in the ranking.  I don't expect to hold it long as I know several "point bomb" projects are being worked on.  I have to say my competitive juices are flowing and while I am mostly shooting to hit my goal I am interested to see where I shake out in the field of 71 painter/bloggers.
There is a sneak peak at my next posting... should be ready to go Saturday just a few finishing details to get done. These Dark Age Warriors should get me another 30 odd points.
On the subject of point bombs I have my own in the works
 Two platoons of Panzer Grenadiers about 104 figures
 A Small I&R platoon of Americans 27 figures and some British Sherman tanks.  Once all of those are done I should add 280 or so points to my total which will put me 1/3rd of the way to my goal of 1000 points. A good start as I said.
 I also have made good progress on my planned submission for the next fortnight theme of a mounted unit with this highland cavalry.