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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa Mouse

This is my "Cold Theme" submission for the Analog Hobby challenge please go vote for it here: http://analogue-hobbies-theme-rounds.blogspot.ca/ you can vote for as many entries as you want using the survey on the right hand side. 
This is the Mousling Santa and helper from Reaper Miniatures painted for my Nephew William as part of a Christmas gift including a children's book I ran across years ago called "Santa Mouse." A heart warming little story about a mouse who gives Santa a Gift and gets recruited as a side kick.
Normally I use more wash but in this case I wanted the colors bright and sharp... the beard was a particular challenge as I wanted it to have depth but I also didn't want it to look dirty. I think I redid the beard at least three times.
The helper was a simple project though the over sized ears were a bit of a trick.  Also I love his little reading spectacles.
Close in on our Santa Mouse. The eyes were an issue I think they are too big I tried to do them in a black/brown like a real mouse but the came off wrong.  I softened  by painting them blue but they still don't seem quite right.  This will be my entry for the Cold bonus round.   So I think that give me 10 points for the figures (25mm scale) and maybe a another 50 if it is deemed to meet the bonus round criteria.
 A couple of rear angle shots on both figures.