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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Early challenge submitions

The challenge has been rolling for 5 days now. I'm doing OK three items submitted two of them are live right now. I have a modest 25 official points toward my goal of 1000 right now and approximately another 60 points pending with my cold theme bonus submission that is "done" but not yet live. I also have about 163 points nearing completion (100 points of that is bonus points for theme substitutions) so I real I am off to a good start. So if you haven't seen my endeavors so far here are a couple of pictures.
 My "Curtgeld" piece Pleas pop over the official posting as you see this fellow need an appropriate swashbuckling name to be a true Anti-Hero
 In my on going battle with John for a slice of the Dark Ages pie that is Briton I have reached point were I can hire a bard to tell tales of my greatness and give me a +1 bonus on my prebattle speeches. You can check out his full background here 
 I am tremendously pleased with how this guy came out and though he really has no on table role in DUX I do plan on using him in a Gods and Mortals army.
Finally I will be keeping a full gallery of all my Challenge photos on my Facebook page Please drop in and check them out.