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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Challenge day 12

At least I think its day 12... I'm off to a good start over 10% of the way to my goal of 1000 points. Officially I have 69 points but I believe I will get at lest 60 points for my cold entry.  I completed a set of Six Viking/dark age figures The Cold entry will be posted here at some point in the future but for now can be seen on the Theme page of the Challenge.
They War Games factory figures and they were a pain to put together and I don't especially like some of the poses I wound up with but over all the look nice now that they are painted.
 The shields are hand painted I am trying to stretch my free hand paint and get away form simple geometric figures.
Some times the results are less then one hopes for as with this "dragon" though lots of other people seem to like it.
I am getting well and truly sick of certain people in this challenge showing neat and clean hobby area.  This is what a painting table looks like!!
I have some FOW Grenadiers that are proceeding nicely...
Some British Sherman tanks as well as some US troopers and fellow in the back who lets just say Loki's isn't overly fond of.
I also have my mount and rider selection coming along nicely a small unit of Highland cavalry.

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