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Friday, December 12, 2014

Trying to Steel Sheep form the Britons

This is the DUX Cattle raid mission but we are using sheep rather than cattle.  I rolled two free mores but John's watch tower reduced it to 1 and most of my boys, roll fairly poorly.   I tried a new command structure this time putting a noble with each of my elites and having my lord command the main body of 3 warriors (really 2 since the 3rd was acting as herdsmen)
John's vanguard arrives his elites and slingers.  John got just about ideal placement.
My sheep are moving very slowly, but my other troops are in reasonably good blocking positions.
Troops are closing in...
Two elite formations hammer each other first John loses a man...
then I do... I rolled well to hit bu didn't roll too well on the effect table.
When John gets to activate I use the withdraw card and avoid him
Then Cuthwulf and his two bands of warriors crash into the Briton Elites and hammer them hard.  I don't do enough damage to break them but...
John withdraws them behind his line of warriors, Its about to get very seriousl
I attack on the next turn John is in shield wall as I told him at the time my goal isn't necessarily to win but to tie his men down... this I do,,,
The fight rages for several rounds and many men fall on both sides... but for the shield wall I think I would have had John but...
John's Champion evens the odds with the fear card adding 4 shock to the far stand
Both of my warriors break and my moral falls from 6 to 3.
My lord joins the force of elites and Cuthwulf leads them in a charge on the surviving band of Briton Warriors.
I rolled poorly on the results table and battle continues...
John brings up his elites and its not a question of if I break but when and do I take any one with me. Sadly the answer is soon and yes I do break the Briton warriors but its not enough as john has high moral.
My other force of elites has savaged two forces of levies but I need to win in one turn and shield wall saved them form more serious damage.  I got lots of hits but not enough kill.
Cuthwulf break away from his routing Warriors and joins the melee... its a long shot but I have to break them.
Many Britons fall before my sword but the also inflict 4 shock on my elites and that breaks my moral. John won a close victory I probably shouldn't have engaged the levies but when that fight started I still had a moral of 3. I still think my tactics were good but though I generally got hits I didn't get good results (shock markers and kills) as often as I need them.   I actually killed significantly  more Brittons 22 than I lost 14 but it was my groups that broke while John's generally hung on battered but still combat effective.  Over all this is my favorite raid mission.. in all the others I feel like I am the unluckiest raider in history since all my targets are defended by the cream of the opposition army.  Getting attacked on my way home felt far more 'realistic.'