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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas gift

So for Christmas I decided to make my old roommate some propaganda posters. 
I decoded to doe a set of three as that is usually the maximum number a single player needs in a game.  Rob Plays Brits in Early and Mid-War and US Airborne from Market Garden with a good bit of British support for late war. This force mix gave me parameters for my poster choice.
This poster is a classic for the British showing various faces of the Empire marching under the banner of Great Britain.
I loved this poster the moment  I found it. I believe its from Lend-Lease period the small print tells Americans every dollar they spend on British goods will go right back into the US munitions industry  or agricultural.  The image of Uncle Sam and John Bull shaking hands makes this a good objective for US, British or allied armies. 
Rob builds his lists on the 82nd All American Airborne Division so I went with this "recruiting" poster I'm not sure its authentic but I think it works nicely.  Who doesn't love a pin up in uniform?