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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blitzkrieg with French Recon

Last week Rob and I agreed we would to do an early war game at 1750 points.  I was very excited to dust off my French Recon.  Rob was trying out an infantry list from Barbarossa. The mission selected was Hold the Line and Rob was therefor the defender.
 This is a long way mission... hard to fit 10 platoons as it turns out I accidentally left my AT guns off.  They would not have made any different.
 Rob deployed his men in their trucks... he had a plan by my recon moves foiled it.
 With recon movement and  road movement I have Panhards and H-35s hitting the head of this convoy and threatening the objective. My shooting was fairly poor only got one truck.
 Robs Artillery ended the legend of "Lucky Pierre" Killing that obesrver on the first turn! He also bailed an S-35
 Rob dis mounts and moves his men into position but doesn't get any kills.
 My Panhards move in and MG fire form them and the H-35s kills two stands nearest the objective.  I also pin the infantry...
 As rob doesn't unpin and has only gotten on slow moving reserve unit he has nothing to contest. The objective. We agree to play on.
 Robs dice contine to roll poorly though and he cannot do more then bail a few of my armored cars.  I was able to bail both of these monsters and they fail their platoon moral. That more or less ends the game.  It was a frustrating one for Rob but he was a very good sport about it.