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Friday, December 19, 2014

Giant Flames of War battle at Relentless Dragon

A number of player got together last night at the Relentless Dragon for a learning game of flames of War.  Austin and Mark had planned and set up a massive 3000 points a side game.  We did sort of a meeting engagement scenario the US wanted those building we were after the roads off the table 
Myself, Mark and David ran the Germans(StuG battery) my person slice of the forces was the 88 AA guns and the pioneer infantry here.
Austin and Tom took the Americans (Armored Infantry) we got an air strike in early... David Vs. Austin was really unfair all game David was a the high end of the bell curve while Austin was at the very low end of it (he had trouble rolling threes never mind sixes)
We faced an Air strike of our own but no damage was done.
US troops advance using cover...
Our merry band at play.
Austin is trying to advance but is guns and men are bogging down or getting killed by mortar fire form David...  Austin is rolling lots of ones and twos...
My boys have taken there objective and dig in on the sunken road and in the woods... we have strong infantry support on our right in the town and on our left in the ruins.
This is good because the Yankees are coming...
The Tigers arrive and advance up the central rode.
Mark's troops are under heavy fire and fall back when Yankee artillery finds the range.
US infantry and armor advances on my position...

Fortunately StuGs arrive and hit two US tanks killing one but losing one of their own number in the exchange.
US Troops assault my pioneers my own men's rifles make little impression but MG fire form the buildings to our right rips into the US flank..
and men fall like its day one of the Somme in 1916.  At this point we are out of time... Both sides have lost 1 platoon and while we have the two US objectives they have or contest both of ours so it a tie.  The US had a bunch of very badly shot up platoons that just wouldn't head to the rear saving them the tie.  Much fun was had by all.