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Extra Life
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Challenge week 3 part 2 proof I must be insane.

Only one new item to report in terms of completed painting at this time three Canadian tanks they are submitted but not yet posted so you can't see them at the moment.  Fortunately the weather was good on Friday and I had time off so I was able to get some stuff primed at long last and I am back on track.
Oh my proclamation that I am insane... I am painting 28mm Napoleonics again... Something I promised my self I wouldn't do but  I got these for free from JohnM and though I gave most of them away to Boston Trained but these I kept form my self... and this seemed like a good time to get them done... if only so they will be off my mind.  Here they are and if you don't recognize the uniform there is a reason for the... but sorry not just yet.
 I'm also working on some M-10s, some rides for the Panzergrenadiers I posted to the challenge the other day.
More Dark age spear men to keep the mix interesting.