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Friday, December 5, 2014

Starting the Challenge!

So I woke up early this morning (this was not planned, I simply woke up looked a the clock and realized if I did get back to sleep it would only to woke minutes latter by the bast of my alarm clock.) So as this is the first day of the challenge (Analog Hobbies Winter Challenge if you don't know) I decided I would get a little paint on the boys.

Several Fortnight Theme Bonus entries here.  In the foreground you can see Santa Mouse and his elf Mouse helper my "Comic" entry and part of a Christmas gift for my nephew.  The two StuGs once they have been properly winterized will be my  "Cold" entry.  Thor will by my "Mythic"entry and the leader of my Gods and Mortals army.  The fellow to Thor's right is a Bard for my Dux Campaign.  The fellow to the left of Thor is the Duelist from from the Freeblades Black Rose Bandits army a man of honor in a den of thieves and my anti-hero donation figure. 
Some Jacobite Light Cavalry as my "mount and riders" entry for one of the Fortnight bonus rounds. Also some Dark Age warriors for the on going Dux campaign and a Gods and Mortals army.