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Monday, November 10, 2014

Hasty Attack Yankee Division vs. Panzer Grenadiers

Some where in Lorrain a Panzer Grenadier company(from Gray Wolf)  has been ordered to hold a cross roads village with a critical north south road. Elements of the Yankee Division (using the 99th Division list from Devil's Charge).  My friend Mark was running the Germans again while I was trying my had at US infantry.
My 105's hit Marks infantry platoon hard getting two kills (and they stayed pinned for two turns!)
But the Screaming Mimies hit me hard as well killing on stand of my IR Platoon and killing my Artillery observer.
Once Mark got his platoon unpinned and his Armored SPAA showed up Just where he need them(Mark had scattered reserves) He really started shooting me up good.  My left flank platoon broke and ran and the CO was carried along as he used his reroll but failed.
Mark decided he would advance on the right flank forcing me to defend as well as attack.
Lot less US infantry here now... the young Lt suddenly in command is wondering where every body went.
Still when the armor showed up I figured I had an chance...
so we redirect the attack to the right.
MG fire takes a heavy toll on the German infantry.
King Tigers! Fortunately they are a bit of a ways from my main thrust if I can move fast enough me might still win this...
Mark's Rockets find the range again!
He gets my staff team! (there go all those wonderful US artillery rules!) and bailed out two of my Sherman tanks it could have been worse...
My I&R platoon is over run...
and the Panzer Grenadiers strart rolling up my left flank (though the Artillery did get them a few times)
An assault wipes out the right flank German platoon...
But the bought enough time for reinforcements to arrive... again right where they do Mark the most good!
In coming fire bails one tank and destroys another (there is another trailing tank so no moral test)
Return fire devastates the Marders and my artillery gets one of the Pak40 AT guns...
But the Tigers are now on the objective...
and those my on the left have wiped out a morter platoon and then get an AT platoon of Bazooka men.
I get the AT gun but both it an the German infantry make their Moral tests.  My infantry platoon is below half, my artillery has no staff team, and my tanks are in a Mexican stand off with the Tigers... I call it as my push has no hope at this point.  Great game Mark you earned hard fought victory... I think this would have been scored 4-3 as I did kill off 3 German Platoons.   I had fun with this list though I need to tweak it some.