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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Capture of Lord Cadfael

John and I did the tower raid scenario.  My objective is to capture (not kill) a Briton Noble, Cadfael.  Luck swung back and forth several time in this quick but exciting game.
 My first two pieces of luck was I got to start with a "vangard" of 5 groups and started right next to John's patrol (both randomly determined).  John also rolled poorly on his free move which helped me a good bit. Note my men above are not really on the table they will move from the table edge.
 The bulk of John's troops far away a the tower. John got the first move...
 and his Noble, Cadfael off and running his men stay behind to engage me.  In two rounds of combat his warriors kill 5 of my 6 men and the other is running for home... I am down to 3 moral (I started at 5) already and its only the 1st turn!
 I am able to take advantage of the damage however and Osbert and a band of Warriors serve up the Britons int eh same manner.
 Meanwhile Burgred and my elite warriors takes on John's larger force of warriors I do well here killing 5 men and not losing a single one.
 Cadfael is looking fairly lonely with only 3 warriors to protect him
 I use bonding charge and kill 2 of the remaining warrior and that formation is now running but I lose a critical man.  To capture a noble you need a 3 to 1 advantage in dice... but my advantage is now 5 to 2. Cadfael fighting like a hero manages to kill two of my men and inflicts enough shock on my group to drive it back. Lord Cuthwulf is duly impressed by this doughty Briton.
 Its on a race Cadfael is able to move first fleeing the Saxons
 Lord Cuthwulf and his champion Wulfric just fall short of running Cadfael down this turn.  The following turn Cadfael moves first again and flees...
Random movement works to my favor this time and Cuthwulf and his master of arms trait allows me to capture the gallant Cadfael.  John declares he is withdrawing, I declare I will contest but no more fighting happens. John has enough retreat cards to cancel out my pursuit cards.  I have lost 9 men and John has lost 13.  I have a +3 victory and more importantly I am able to launch my next raid unopposed.  This gives me enough cash that I can declare myself Drohtin or Warlord so I may now begin to consider establishing my own kingdom. Cadfael is now a noble hostage in the hall of my king and is well treated (mostly) though I am sure he would have declined the honor if he could.